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"I feel as though I'm part of the family, my surname may as well be Booth"

Our Stores

Working in store, you’re dealing day-to-day with our customers, helping them find what they need, perhaps advising them on how to prepare a steak or, quite simply, helping them to get and out of the store quickly so they can fit their shopping around their busy lives. In our stores, we’re passionate about retailing, fanatical about creating a ‘customer experience’ and committed to delivering the freshest, most exciting products we can.

Roles within our store:

We also offer additional training and support for team members who have a particular passion for an area of our store or a product. Here, we can offer you the opportunity to develop and become a ‘Specialist’. For instance, you could become a Cheese Specialist, Wine Specialist or Fish Specialist. At the moment, we have a Cheese Specialist in every store ad as part of their training & Development, they’re spending time in Neal’s Yard in Convent Garden; working with some of the most experienced cheese makers around.


Booths has always had a catering offering within a selection of our stores. We are constantly adapting and developing this to meet the needs of our customers. Our relationships with local produce suppliers mean we always have fresh and seasonal products on our menus.

We have a dedicated Catering Development Manager who determines our catering strategy right down to the recipes we use in each of our catering venues and various other roles that range from Food Service Manager to Chef and Cook to Kitchen and Serving Assistant.