What We Provide In Return

6At Booths, we expect a lot from our people. But we don’t expect them to give their all with nothing in return. Of course, we make sure they are rewarded financially, and given a generous package of benefits too, including our Booths discount of course!  But we know that’s only part of it – we want our people to feel proud to be here, valued for what they do and genuinely part of this special business. So we make these three promises to each and every person who works here:


You’ll feel proud

  • proud of your knowledge and passion for food
  • proud of our unique and specialist environment


You’ll feel valued

  • valued for bringing your own personality and a different perspective
  • valued and recognised for your ideas and contribution


You’ll feel part of BoothsHotplate

  • part of a business that cares about you and your well-being
  • part of our future, with a clear understanding of it and your opportunities to grow