What We Want To Achieve

To ensure everyone of our 3000 colleagues can contribute to the success of Booths, we’ve created a Five Year Plan.  Having this plan ensures we all know where we’re going and how we’ll get there – and because we’re all about food here, we’ve called it the Perfect Pie.

Our three goals that form our Perfect Pie are to STAY SPECIAL, GROW SALES, AND BECOME EFFICIENT:



  • Stay Special by growing at our own pace, slowing down to talk to customers and developing the next generation of Booths.
  • Grow Sales by opening new stores in new places, updating existing stores and becoming the number one place for everyone’s proffered place to shop.
  • Become Efficient by cutting down on waste, speeding up the simple things and moving products to stores faster.



To make all this happen, we need just the right mix of ingredients.

  • Right people – self motivated, can do attitude, hard working, impeccably mannered, happy people.
  • Right place – match the right people to the right roles.
  • Right method – support you to reach your potential, reward you for great performance and constantly communicate with you.
  • Right values- our values are what we believe in and drive our actions.  They are unique and drive everything we do.  We describe them as “How we do things at Booths.”



Mix all the right ingredients together and we’ve got a successful business where everyone can say:-

  • I feel proudCounters2
  • I feel valued
  • I feel part of Booths